Banks and their partners are colliding with digital service providers, with mobile at the centre of much of it, which is bringing about change and upheaval to traditional business models and thinking.

A variety of technology choices and routes to market exist. For banks it is a question of...

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Digital services and the building out of an IoT ecosystem increasingly require that people and devices can be securely and reliably authenticated.

As we, and our objects, are increasingly connected to each other, to servers and the cloud, the threat level has increased. In order to combat ...

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Managing, securing and proving identity is becoming a more and more complex scenario yet one which is increasingly important in a growing number of applications and use cases.

With data breaches becoming more frequent and identity theft on the rise, how service providers and equipment manu...

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Smart Airports: New Technologies Set to Take Flight & Transform the Passenger Journey

Future Growth is Outstripping Capacity With forecasts for growth in air travel ranging from 60% to 100% over the next 20 years, airport operators, airlines and governments face a number of significant challenges.  The predominant question is how to cope with the far greater passenger numbers (and airfreight) without doubling the number of airports.  There […]

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Why Google, Not Apple, is the Bigger eSIM Threat to MNOs

As we get closer to publishing our next report on eSIM I have been thinking about some of the issues and common assumptions that get made about eSIM.  One that I find myself in opposition to is the comment that Apple will be the one to lead with eSIM for smartphones.  For those of you […]

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Services and Capabilities

P.A.ID Strategies takes responsibility to provide guidance, intelligence and insight to help its clients make informed decisions about partnerships, route to market, technology implementations, market entry, product and service launches and strategic development.

This is provided in a vari...

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Security and Connectivity

Crossing over all areas are the themes of security and connectivity.  The internet of things (IoT) is taking shape and horizontally linking what were previously vertically siloed.  Mobility is increasingly at the heart of applications, often acting as a hub or gateway between service providers...

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Intel Looking to Move Smart Home Market Forward by Addressing Consumers’ Security and Privacy Concerns

Earlier this year Intel Security released the following press release regarding an international internet of things smart home survey that had been c...

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