Contactless & Mobile Awards Winners’ Review

“There is no single way to guarantee success but from these winning entries we can see that planning, coordination and messaging are the foundation upon which new products and services can be rolled out.  Without these, suitable partnerships cannot be identified and formed and consumers will not be able to experience the benefits that contactless can offer, such as speed, security and convenience.  The best examples look beyond this though, considering how contactless can change and enhance the user experience and interaction between service provider and end-user; and that is why the winning entries were selected for this year’s awards.”

– John Devlin, P.A.ID Strategies, summarising the CMA 2015 winners


P.A.ID Strategies likes to get involved with and support interesting events and those that highlight developing trends that will change the way we conduct simple things, such as payments, in our everyday lives.  One such event is the Contactless Intelligence Conference with its annual Contactless & Mobile Awards (CMAs).  John Devlin has been a judge and round table moderator in recent years at the London Spring event and greatly enjoys speaking with companies about their latest developments and successes, as well as helping to develop opinion and consensus around the upcoming challenges facing our peers in the industry.

Following the 2015 CMA Awards we wanted to highlight the winners and to review the areas and ways in which they are delivering innovation to benefit their clients, partners and consumers.  The summary document contains our opinion of what we considered to be most significant, how these companies stood out from their fellow entrants and why these companies won their award categories.

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The 2015 categories and winners were:

  • Contactless Payment Collaboration – Zapp (UK)
  • Retail – Sunoco and Verifone (USA)
  • Transportation and Ticketing – Transport for London (UK)
  • Innovation – Clear Channel (UK)
  • Customer Experience – ING Bank Śląski (P0land)
  • Loyalty – S-Bank (Finland)
  • Marketing Campaign – Saatchi & Saatchi (Switzerland)
  • Unattended; Vending & Parking – Nayax (Israel)
  • Ecosystem – MSI Global (Singapore)
  • Contactless ID & Security – Airside Mobile (USA)
  • Gamechanger – Cubic Transportation Systems and Transport for London (UK)
  • Industry Choice Award – SMARTLINK (Switzerland)