About Us

Led by John Devlin, P.A.ID Strategies builds on his extensive commercial experience and industry knowledge. This has been built over 15 years, working internationally in business development, project delivery and significantly for more than a decade as an analyst and consultant.

P.A.ID Strategies covers innovative companies, emerging technologies and disruptive strategies in relation to Payments, Authentication, Identity, Security and Connectivity. This encompasses card and non-card form factors, embedded solutions, digital credentials, software and service platforms used in relation to people, devices and objects.

To help clients make important business decisions and determine their future roadmaps and strategies we have never been afraid to shy away from a challenge. Industry firsts include delivery of the first reports to:

  • Delivering several evolutions of market leading granularity and product splits in the NFC sector
  • Assess the potential for embedded SIMs (eUICC) beyond M2M in smartphones
  • Highlight issues relating to access to and the use of secure elements for mobile services
  • Question the role and suitability of proposed trusted service managers (TSMs)
  • Review the different alternatives for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection
  • Consider the role of different companies targeting embedded security applications

Our upcoming research will continue this theme; addressing and tackling difficult questions in an increasingly changing and uncertain market environment. Traditional vendor-client relationships are becoming increasingly blurred as the market moves from legacy card-based products, to smart and secure solutions, to embedded and new form factors. No longer able to rely on their legacy hardware and product focused businesses, companies are moving to secure their positions in a future ecosystem where connected, digital and mobile platforms are coming to the fore, breaking vertical silo’s with software and services becoming increasingly prominent.